Episode 8 - 21 January Images

Sai Gave Advice to Ashish That Play Game

Ruchita Rao Dumped Again

Girls...Get Ready For Belly Dance Task

Payal Thapa Awesome Dancer

Payal Thapa Only Dancer In MTV Splitsvilla 4

Aakriti Bhamri Forgot Her Steps In Task

Pooja From Dushyant's Qabila - You Spin My Head Right Round

Archana Choudhary - Again In Verbal Fight With Vartika

Why Sohfi Challange Payal For Dance Competition, Anyways We Love The Way Payal Dance

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  1. i want to know who is spreading all this rumour about splitsvilla,specially about archana.first of all she is not a engineer,she is a bba graduate,and she dont have any connection with ashish, and about manish,dimple,ruchita also.they all are contestant.every contestant comes to splitsvilla to win and all the connection viewer's are seeing is for the game only and for entertainment.so dont spread any rumours about any contestant,they also are individuals,it may damage their reputation.So comment carefully.Everybody watching you.Do not commit any type of cyber crime.Enjoy splitsvilla by watching it and stop commenting about other whom all of you dont know.Good bye.take care.god bless all of you