Episode 12 - 18 February Images

Tina Thapa - After Dumping of Payal Thapa, She Burst On Dushyant & Told Him, "agli baar tu dump hoga, main dikhati hoon tujhe"
Dushyant Yadav & Pooja Bisht - Dushyant Dumped Payal And First Time Face Anger from Other Splitsvillans
Dushyant With Payal & Priya - @ Vodafone Second Chance
Payal Thapa - Dumped This Time...
Aakriti - Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya, Hum Jee Kar Kya Karienge...
Payal Thapa - Was Angry From Dushyant & Make A Scene With Her Sister Tina @ Dumping Ground
Archana Choudhary - Ashish Gave A Ring To Archana, But She Lost A Member of Her Gang
Yashita Sahu - Playing 100% Pure Game & Active Member of Archana & Gang
Aakriti Bhamri - Again On Target, This Time LEAST DESERVING TO STAY IN SPLITSVILLA


  1. cheer for archna

  2. Splitsvilla has lost it's two of the most beautiful ladies with brain. Dimple and Payal! Payal, my favorurite contestant, who looks very cute, behaviours are very sweet, her dance were flawless and she speaks very sensibly. She never backbites others with no reason like other gals do. However, I feel Dushyant has been very short sighted, he just saw the present situation of his being king today and thought payal's proposal as game. If she has to play game, she won't choose you, because Dushyant has never became a king so far, it's only today, how can she be confident that he will become king next time. She is already unsafe by proposing him, cause it is definite that Dushyant won't become king next time and other guys will dump payal. Dushyant a fool!

  3. I don't believe for one second that Payal has any real romantic feelings for Dushyant outside of what benefit it will bring her in the game. She probably felt secure for the next few rounds because she felt 1) Tina would not let Sai ever dump her 2) Archana would not let Ashish dump her 3) Archana would not let Manish dump her.

    The only boy she didn't have in her pocket, unfortunately, became the king when she was sent to the dumping ground.

    He did well to doubt her true intentions and dump her.

  4. i hate dushyant, i hate priya, i hate pooja and i hate all those who involved for dumping of payal-the most deserving contestant....i'm not gonna see the next episode..i lost my interest just payal is not there,. payal, we love you. you are hte best.

  5. dushyant is a real dumbo...he has no mind at all. if he has to stay in the game he should be saving payal. becoj she will be savin n support him as she did tellin tina to not to send pooja in dumpin zone all becoj she doesn't want dushyant to get out of the game in belly dancin episode. priya and akriti can't support him as both of them are least deserving contestant and will dumped soon....

  6. Gud decision dushyant thank god payal is out. she playing game with tina n archana.she didn't like dushyant. i hope nxt episode me dushyant hi king bane or archana,tina,yasita inme se hi koi dump ho jaye. All d best dushyant.Akriti dnt cry yar, ashish (lallu) se bhi jayada acha banda milega kicked out him 4rm ur heart.

  7. @anon 9:35pm

    Priya and Akriti are very vulnerable right now and could be dumped if they land in the next dumping zone and Dushyant is not the king.

    But from Dushyant's point of view, it was the right decision to dump Payal and break the mean girl clique.

  8. From game point of view Dushant should have dumped Akriti. All girls against him can only sent Pooja at dumping ground but they all depend on Ashish to dump her. with Sophy he can never be king.