Don't Underestimate The Girls : Rannvijay

Splitsvilla seems to be getting steamier by the day especially for the prize boys Varun and Vishal but more on that later.

First, an update on the twists in the love stories/ lust stories. Last week for the first time, we left the boys to do their own thing and they happily walked into Splitsvilla to hang out with the girls. They then asked one girl each for some time alone. Varun, of course, chose Heena. And Vishal chose wait amin not Shraddha, but Priyanka! What can I say everyone likes to play the field... and one can imagine the fireworks within SplitsVilla thereon

So while these lucky girls were chirping and flirting away to glory Shraddha and Bianca were burning with jealousy and the rest just fumed for being so royally snubbed by the boys.

While coming up with the concept for this show, we knew that, even though this is a romance reality show, we really could not force the girls to fall in love with the boys. But never in our wildest imaginations did we think that they would be so many love triangles! Honestly, I am ecstatic that these love triangles exist but I also feel extremely sorry for the girls. The only reason its on air is because this apparently is entertainment for thousands of sick people like you. (Actually I'm kinda hooked too but you didn't hear it from me)

And now for the icing on the cake, this week we have an international exotic dancer especially flown down to train the girls in the art of sensuality. Post this task, I am sure the guys are never going to underestimate our SplitsVilla honnies. I am sure I will not.

Oh! I forgot to add the cherry on that icing, my friend and partner in crime, Raghu makes another entry this week and something is going to change.

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