Love Is War - Says Vishal Karwal Of MTV Splitsvilla

Love Is War - Says Vishal Karwal Of MTV Splitsvilla

Two boys will date 20 gorgeous girls in MTV Splitsvilla. Both are former Roadies – Vishal Karwal from Roadies 4 and Varun Saini from Roadies 5.0. Former Pilot Vishal Karwal, a 23 year-old hottie who will decide which of the girls walks away with Rs. 5 Lakh and a chance to host an MTV show with either of them.

Did you stop being a pilot so that you could be with 20 girls ?
No. I came to Mumbai after finishing my pilot training. I was a part of MTV Roadies Season 4. After it ended, I kept asking the MTV guys to give me a show. Finally, they offered me MTV Splitsvilla.

What was your first impression of the girls ?
Some of the girls were ultra-gorgeous, while others made me wonder, “What they are doing here ?”.

No love at first sight ?
I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I’m very fond of Annie, Shraddha and Prianca. Ritu and I chat in Punjabi all the time.

You’re very careful about what you say on the show. Is that a conscious effort ?
Of course. My family is watching me. I don’t want to embarrass them or myself.

Except when you blasted Hoorzan after dumping her, Didn’t you sorry for her ?
I thought Hoorzan was quite pretty when I first saw her. But she behaved atrociously, so I have no regrets about my out-burst.

Shraddha is obviously smitten with you. Is that embarrassing ?
Yeah, man. And she keeps a check by sending me letters through the other girls (on the show). I’d like to ask her to leave me alone.

Anything you’d like to change in the episodes so far ?
I’d like to get Aarti back. Varun and I dumped her in the second episode. We should have got rid of Hannah instead.

Did you really come to Splitsvilla searching for love or to become an MTV VJ ?
Love was one of the factors but mostly I’m thrilled to be a part of an MTV show.

Are any of the girls the take-home-to-mum type ?
I don’t know about that but they’re all for real. Sure, they bitch and abuse but then, love is war, right ?

Whom would you want to get married from the 20 girls ?
I don’t know any of them too well, so no marriage, please. But if I had more time, maybe Annie could probably fit the bill. Or Shraddha.

What next ?
I have been offered a couple of soaps and films, but I’m waiting for MTV Splitsvilla to end.



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